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AUDI Library

        This library is said to be the specialized library on ​​governance, local administration and urban development in the Arab region. It is concerned with urban management, urban and physical planning, urban and economic development, management of municipal services and local facilities, population studies, local and urban development strategies, and all activities related to the functions of cities and municipalities.

        The library contains more than (fifty thousand) publications as books, volumes, periodicals, journals, folders, scientific theses, reports and publications of institutions of relevant activities concerned with cities and municipalities, scientific encyclopedias, dictionaries, atlases, as well as documents of international and regional organizations.

        The library constantly receives publications from various government departments and agencies, regional and international organizations in the content of understanding agreements on cultural exchange. The same is going on with national, regional and international entities.

        The library is always honoured by visits of research centers, universities, students, especially colleges of architecture, planning, engineering, media and others from Saudi universities; to take advantage of the books in their graduation projects and the scientific and academic research.

        Mayors, municipal staff and relevant officials from within and outside the Kingdom are always keen to visit AUDI library; and they always express their appreciation and happiness for visiting the library praising its specialized sources of knowledge in the field of local administration and municipalities.

        Researchers and students benefit from the library references and AUDI publications and the services offered by the library, whether by coming to the library or receiving information by telephone, fax or e-mail from inside or outside the Kingdom.

        The library retain information and data on conferences, seminars and workshops ...etc. organized by AUDI or other national, regional and international organizations; and circulates to cities and municipalities in Arabic language a well as relevant authorities to disseminate information and enable participation of their employees.

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