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AUDI Translation Contributions

The translation department is responsible for translating the in and dispatch transactions, as well as research and studies prepared by AUDI experts for participation in local, regional and international seminars and conferences when  invited, and also translation of subjective publications of other institutions.

The translation department also translates the framework of  conferences, seminars and workshops organized by AUDI, into English language for the benefit of foreign participants as well as papers presented by experts, between English and Arabic languages, for circulation purposes.

Below, are some examples:

        Urban Indicators, a book compiled by AUDI (from Arabic into English).

        AUDI Web site (translated into English language).

        World Urban Campaign, a book compiled by the United Nations Human Settlements Programme (translated into Arabic language).

        A study on "how to integrate the urban indicators in policy formulation and management Systems 2012, compiled by AUDI(into English).

        Several reports on urban observatories establishment in Saudi Arabia network (prepared by AUDI) (translated into English language).

        Geographic InformationS 2012 (compiled by AUDI) (translated into English language).

        Handbook on city development strategies (prepared by AUDI) (translated into English language).

        Population Dynamics and Poverty Reduction (prepared by AUDI) (translated into English language).

        Results of urban poverty surveys at some Arab cities (prepared by AUDI) (translated into English language).

        Projects implemented in the context of children and youth program in the Middle East and North Africa region (compiled by AUDI) (translated into Arabic language).

        Translation of some articles and chapters from a book titled (the structures of local governments in the world) (translated into Arabic language).

        Translation of a book titled (slums and shanty towns in the Third World) translated from French into Arabic.

        Translation of guide booklets compiled by the International Union of Local Authorities (EULA) for Eastern Mediterranean, (translated from English to Arabic).

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